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December 2016 Field Trial
All Stakes Filled
You can view the premium HERE

2016 January Field Trial Results
Congratulations to all of our winners and placements

Jan. 23-27, 2016 GBC DiLane Placements 01/23/2016 - 01/27/2016

Region 3 Amateur All Age Judges: Mark Johnson/Brian Riggle
Starters: 16 Points: 1st = 3, 2nd =1

1 Piney Run Jake "Jake" 0/Martha Greenlee H/Martha Greenlee/Kent Patterson Brittany/M
2 Piney Run Hank "Hank" 0/Rob Donahue H/Kent Patterson Brittany/M
3 Kinwashkly Fat Bastard "Fatz" 0/Bo Ackerman & Leslie Adreas H/Bo Ackerman Brittany/M
4 Kinwashkly Midnight Rambler "Jack" 0/Jodi Miller H/Kent Patterson Brittany/M

So. Open Brittany Open All Age Judges: David Medford/Buck Daniels
Starters: 25 Points: 1st = 5, 2nd = 2
1 Glade Run Irish "Irish" 0/DAVID WEBB H/Tommy Tracy Brittany/M
2 Kinwashkly Fat Bastard "Fatz" 0/Bo Ackerman & Leslie Adreas H/Tom Tracy Brittany/M
3 FC Roustabout's Flat Out "Hank" 0/Ruth and Jerry McGee H/Tommy Tracys/Jerry McGee Brittany/M
4 Piney Run Hank "Hank" 0/Rob Donahue H/Ben Lorenson/Kyle Merrill Brittany/M

Grand Amateur Limited Gun Dog Judges: Will Garrett/TOMIV1Y THOMAS
Starters: 6 Points: 1st =1

1 Nothin' But Trouble "Trouble" 0/Jim Carter DVM H/Jim Carter DVM BRITTANY/M
2 Trinity's Million Dollar Baby "Baby" 0/Wayne & Trish James H/Wayne James/ray dohse/kim trafton ES/F
3 Gunns A Blazin "Annie" 0/Jim Carter DVM H/Jim Carter DVM Brittany/F
4 Emma Tayshon "Emma" 0/Drew Carter H/Jim Carter Brittany/F

Amateur Gun Dog Judges: Jessica Carlson/Tommy Hagan
Starters: 11 Points: 1st = 2

1 Nothin' But Trouble "Trouble" 0/Jim Carter DVM H/Jim Carter DVM BRITTANY/M
2 Gunns A Blazin "Annie" 0/Jim Carter DVM H/Jim Carter DVM Brittany/F
3 Bebop Harry James "Harry" 0/Dr. Leslie Jane Hunt H/Dr. Leslie Jane Hunt Brittany/M
4 TurningPt.Ammo's Hot Toddy "Tipsy" 0/Mary E. Morgan H/Betty Morgan/Jim Carter BRITTANY/F

Open Gun Dog Judges: Jamie fountain/Phil Stout
Starters: 29 Points: 1st = 5, 2nd = 2

1 "Gus" 0/ H/Ben Lorenson/Kyle Merrill Brittany/M
2 Dr. Block's Reacher' "Reacher" 0/Dr. Kenneth Bocke PHD H/Kim Trafton/Ray Dohse Brittany/M
3 Nothin' But Trouble "Trouble" 0/Jim Carter DVM H/Jim Carter DVM BRITTANY/M
4 Sunrise Don't Fence Me In "Pappy" 0/David Medford H/David Medford Brittant/M

Open Limited Gun Dog Judges: Patti Hunt/Jay Hallaron
Starters: 26 Points: 1st = 5, 2nd = 2

1 Palmetto Pointe's Autumn's Blazing Star "Autie" 0/Tiffany and Tom Bass H/Ben Lorenson/Kyle Merrill Brittany/F
2 Shailorville's Gunner "Gunner" 0/Tom Maule Lorenson/Kyle Merrill Brittany/M
3 FC Augustus of Tiger "Gus" 0/Bo Ackerman H/Tommy Tracy BRITTANY/M
4 Rainbow's Chick'n McNugget "Nugget" 0/Arthur and Judith Cohen H/Kyle Merrill/Ben Lorenson Britt/F

Open Puppy Judges: Patti Hunt/TOMMY THOMAS
Starters: 6 Points: 1st =1

1 Dakota's Wyoming Girl Bette "Bette" 0/Larry & Charlotte Berry H/Larry Berry Brittany/F
2 Mud on The Tires "Muddy" 0/Jessica Carlson H/Ed Tillson Brittany/F
3 Piney Run Ace "ACE" 0/Martha Greenlee H/Martha Greenlee Brittany/M
4 Piney Run Three Sheets to the Wind. "Jib" 0/Tiffany & Tom Bass H/Tom Bass Brittany/M

Open Derby Judges: Martha Greenlee/Wayne James
Starters: 15 Points: 1st = 3

1 Sparkle Anne Shyne "Sparkle" 0/Drew & Jim Carter DVM Haim Carter/Drew Carter Brittany/F
2 "Sonny" 0/Bill Haynes H/Bill Haynes Brittany/M
3 Shadow's Peppermint Twist "Mattie" 0/Jessica Carlson H/Ed Tillson Brittany/F
4 TNT's Queen of Comedy "Lucy" 0/Tommy Thomas H/Tommy Thomas Brittany/F

2015 / 2016 Hunt Test Dates
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Georgia Brittany Club Social Pages
We have a Yahoo Group

like that used by the Dual Brittany list, that we will be using for club member announcements and discussions. The service is absolutely free and your joining will not obligate you to participate. There are a number of services that the Yahoo Group format will give us including a place that you can

    * Post pictures
    * Take a poll of the membership
    * Share files with the club members
    * Ask questions of the membership

Membership is ONLY for club members and club member friends. Yahoo will NOT spam you from your membership and if a member spams you I will warn them first, and, if it continues, I will remove them from the list.
We have a Facebook Page

Also like that used by the American Brittany Club.

Take part by posting your messages and your photos.


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Training With Mo
a book by Martha Greenlee about bird dog training with Maurice Lindley

Training With Mo This book focuses on how to best train pointing dogs and how to do it with compassion. This book captures the West Method of training as applied and refined by Maurice. Those of you who know Maurice are his friend - no exceptions. His calm and quiet training style has helped to create many field champions and hunting companions. To watch him train is to watch a master of his craft.

Read more about Maurice on his web site at:

And visit Martha Greenlee's site at:

You can order the book from Glade Run Press at:

Glade Run Press is David Webb's child - established in 2003 for the purpose of publishing fine books on the subjects of gun dogs, hunting and guns.. David Webb has bred, trained, field-trialed, shown, and hunted Brittanys for thirty-five years. A longtime target shooter, David has written numerous articles for hunting and shooting magazines and is a close friend.

Vic Williams (Your GBC Webmaster) is the photographer for the book!

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