Date:       May 18, 2012
To:          Pointing Breed Hunting Test Clubs
The Performance Events Department would like to make Pointing Breed Field Trial Clubs aware to two
recent changes/clarifications to the Regulations.
(1)  Blank Guns.  The Regulations pertaining to blank guns (Chapter 3, section 7) have been updated to
address new types of blank ammunition that is available.  In addition new language has been added to
caution handlers about the potential harmful effects blank guns.  This change becomes effective
June 1, 2012.  The old and new language is as follows:
Section 7.  Guns.  Only blank pistols may be used in the Junior Hunting Test.
  Blank pistols are defined as “starters pistols” which are incapable of discharging live ammunition.  The use of blank rounds in pistols capable of firing live ammunition is a dangerous and potentially lethal practice and is prohibited at any hunting test.
  All calibers up to .38 are acceptable, as are .22 caliber crimps.
  Promiscuous firing of guns or blank pistols on the grounds is prohibited.  The handler of a dog in the Junior Hunting Test shall fire one blank and no more for each flush of one or more birds.
Section 7.  Blank Guns.  Only blank pistols may be used by handlers in Pointing Breed Hunting Tests.  Blank pistols used to fire a blank cartridge must have a solid barrel incapable of discharging live ammunition.  Handlers should be aware of the potentially harmful impact the repeated discharge of a blank pistol can have on the hearing of people, dogs and horses.  The following Regulations apply to the use of blank guns/ammunition.
  .22 caliber (6mm) blanks are preferred but all calibers up to .32 are acceptable.  Blank pistols that fire shotgun 209 primers are also acceptable.  .22 caliber “acorn” crimps may be used.  For .22 caliber blanks produced for other purposes (not specifically for blank pistols), handlers should be guided by the recommendation of the manufacturer with regard to the safety of their use in blank pistols.
  Promiscuous firing of guns or blank pistols on the grounds is prohibited.  Handlers in Hunting Tests shall fire one blank and no more for each flush of one or more birds provided the bird is not being shot at by official gunners.
   Handlers should not hold the blank pistol against their body when firing as there is a discharge of gases which may burn or otherwise harm.
(2)  Master Level Requirement to Shoulder the Gun in Non-Shooting Situations.  In the Master level
test, there has been confusion regarding the rather awkward requirement for a handler to shouldering the
gun in a back course, non-shooting situation yet also fire the blank pistol in a timely manner.  In order to
clarify this situation, the handler is only required in shoulder the gun in a shooting situation.  In a
non-shooting situation, the handler should fire the blank pistol.  New wording will appear in the next reprint
of the Regulations.
Should you have any questions or comments, please e-mail huntingtest@akc.org.