A message from Betty Morgan (Georgia Brittany Club field trial secretary)

(edited by Vic Williams)

Make no mistake about it, a field trial takes a monumental personal effort and sacrifice by the organizers and supporters.

Planning the event requires weeks of planning and paperwork, work to get AKC and ABC approval, lining up judges, publishing the premium, reserving the grounds, taking entries and accounting entry fees, laying out courses, securing and caring for birds, and coming up with a running order that minimizes conflicts.

Running the stakes is complex and filled with unforeseen complications; judging changes, entry scratches, dogs in season, late starts, simultaneous multiple courses / stakes,  missing dogs / handlers / scouts, horse logistics, and weather delays.

And then there are the supporting activities; food, drinks, placements / awards, wranglers, stalls and barns, water, emergency planning / provisioning, setting up events, and cleaning up afterward.

Most of the efforts are behind the scenes and go without thanks, when “thanks” is all that we can give to those people who gave of themselves to make the trial a success. So here are our, the GBC's, thanks to all of the people who put on the trial and pitched in.

First of all, thanks to everyone who entered their dogs, the handlers, the scouts, the amateurs, the pros, and especially the judges. Without these we would not have been able to put on a trial. We know that it is expensive, time consuming, and hard work, but we hope that you also had a good time.

Thank you Jim Carter who supports me with help, advice, guidance, and friendship – without his help the organization of running the trail would be impossible. And thank you Drew Carter, for your support and encouragement.

Thank you all of those that made sure that we had good food and fellowship as well as clean up our party messes. Among those are Deb Blondin, Fran Gorman, Sandra Leavens, Jodi Miller, Martha Greenlee, and others. Special thanks to Jimmy Morgan for being the Director of Expediting , also known as “go-fer”. And thanks Cliff for educating us about pineapples! - note: you had to be there.

Thank you Music City Brittany Club for sponsoring the Saturday night David Medford Memorial Dinner, and Jim and Drew Carter for preparing and hosting the meal. Dave would be proud of us.

Thanks to Tom Laskowsky for putting out birds and helping to make sure everything went smoothly. And thanks to our wranglers who made sure that everyone had good horses to ride.

And thanks to Leslie Hunt for preparing her mother's home made vegetable soup for Sunday lunch – a very welcome hot bowl after a cold start in the saddle.

Thanks to The State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources for maintaining, and allowing us to use, DiLane Plantation, in the “Bird Dog Capitol of the World”, so that we may enjoy the sport that we love.

P.S. from Vic Williams:
Since I am the editor, I want everyone to thank Betty Morgan, our field trial secretary. Without Betty's unwavering and ongoing commitment to the GBC, the sport of field trials, and bird dogs, the GBC field trials would not be possible. I know that she labors long and hard to make sure that each event is a success and that everyone has a good time. She is a true sportsperson